India’s diverse and limitless ethnic clothing repertoire is full of sartorial to handloom beauties.  Fabrics, weaving techniques, embellishments, wearing styles, and accessories of numerous kinds mushroom out from different states of the country.  Every single piece narrates a story – a riveting saga about the craftsmen, culture or heritage. The country is a hub of heritage fashion. Its sartorial diversity has remained a muse for many prominent fashion connoisseurs.  So want some great inspirations? Get it here because you’re at the right place.

A Land Laden With Diverse Attires

From the Lucknawi Kurta and opulent Anarkali, to the humble dhoti and eternal saree, India’s clothing styles are painted in multiple layers, each intertwined into a particular way of life. Whether it’s the Gujarati style of draping a saree that awakens your curiosity, or the playful dupatta, the swirling ghagra, the omnipresent lungi or the ethnic wear of Chhattisgarh, make sure you take a sneak-peek here.

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