A lot of Indian jewelry comes with European accents – the Victorian jewelry styles, for instance. The toe ring, originally a traditional ornament for married women, is now a funky fashion accessory patronized by young girls. Such statement pieces are known to accentuate your attire. From Indian traditional numbers to western ones, it’s always classy to carry accessories, such as clutch, hairpins, or bracelets. But by far, one of the most stunning evolutions is the Collar necklace – a piece of jewelry that looks like a collar on a blouse or a monochromatic ensemble. Quite simply, fusion wear is the most happening trend on fashion racks now.

There are many similar statements to glam up your simple outfit. They add that sough-after panache to your look. It may range from a simple brooch to a hairpin. Whether it’s golden or silver, colourful or oxidized, these tiny little trinkets can work wonders for all kinds of looks.  Get some more inspirations here.

An ornament that defines one’s personality and style along with a touch of innate elegance and tradition, the brooch is…