Feather Fashion

Peacock Feather

Peacock Feather

Feathers are not only for birds! The latest trend in the fashion circuit has been the use of feathers. This trend is fun and flirty and fits in perfectly with spring and summer season. Feathers give an ornamental appeal to any style or ensemble, making the piece of accessory or clothing more fancy or whimsical. It is then very agreeable to say that feathers and plumes are so apt to create ornamental centerpieces and add the zing or style to a favorite party dress.

Feathers are a lot of fun, which can be worn in a variety of styles. Be it a bit flapper, a dash of showgirl or hint of bohemian beauty. They can be incorporated into clothing or used to accessorize shoes, belts, and bags. Feathers can also be blended into jewelry designs, printed or stamped in bright colors. A lot of designers portray feathers as a leading trend on the runways, however, the same look can be achieved if you learn to accessorize yourself in the right manner with this trendy accessory. There are many ways that feathers can be used to decorate costume jewels and jewelry boxes.

History and Origin

In Nederlands, bird feathers were found to be used for ornamentation in the past. Of the 22 bird species found de-feathered, most were not good food sources, and during the study, it was apparent that only certain, ornamental feathers were pulled out. In the research, it was stated the native people removed the remiges, which are the longest and more beautiful feathers.

Also, there have been studies to suggest that Native American used feathers for ornamentations of headdresses. A lot of TV and movies depict Native Americans wearing‘feathered war bonnet’, though these war bonnets were actually worn by Indian Tribes such as Blackfeet, Cheyenne, Plains Cree, and Sioux. Historically, these were not worn every day by the tribal people, instead were kept only for certain important occasions, and that too, worn exclusively by the men.

Beyond the war bonnets, other traditional Native American headdresses use feathers, together with the roach bonnet, which is made of stiff animal hair with feathers integrated into it, and feather headbands, made with an eagle, crane, and/or egret feathers, to name a few.

Different style feather and use

Different style feather and use

Interestingly, feathers were also utilized as decoration for face masks in 16th-century Europe. Traditionally reserved for the upper class, these accessories slowly but surely came within reach for the lower classes.

In the 20th century, during the flapper era, feathers became increasingly popular, as dresses were bedecked with feathers to create more movement. Also, Feather boas were used by entertainers to boost their performance.

Present Day Scenario

We’re still inspired by the feather in our fashion today. While it may not be practical to wear head-to-toe feathers on an everyday basis, it’s always fun to play with the feathers-as-fashion trend.

Style & Accessorise

The Fashion world has a special place for feathers. From the omnipresent feather hair extensions to jewelry, to prints and textiles, feathers are not only reserved for ensembles or haute couture. Feathers have become a part of everyday fashion, raising the curiosity of fashion onlookers.

Top 3 Ways to Wear Feathers

Jewelry & Jewelry Boxes

Bag with Feather design

Bag with Feather design

Many kinds of fashion jewelry is made with the help of feathers, be it earring, bracelets or necklaces. In order to create a colorful mosaic or banded designs, feathers are used in a layered fashion. Feathers are also used along with materials such as gemstones, chains etc, to create a chunky look.

It is also prevalent to use the feathers as accessories to decorate jewelry boxes. Feathers are used along with other fashion material such as pearl, beads or sequins to create a glam look for fancy jewelry boxes.

Hair Accessories 

Feathered fasteners and headbands, habitually known as fascinators, along with bobby pin clips are making a reappearance. Feather hair accessories have become extremely popular among young girls and stylish women. The designing with feathers ranges from nicely structured to free-form bohemian style, to suit different occasions and styles


Garments, be it couture or prêt, are embellished with different colored feathers, be it hand sewn into skirts, or embellish tank tops or cardigan necklines. Feathers add interest to garments by adding a wispy color or as rosettes to highlight a garment.

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