India’s diverse and limitless ethnic clothing repertoire leads one to fabrics, weaving techniques, embellishments, wearing styles and accessories of numerous kinds often mushrooming out in different versions from a single state. From the Lucknawi Kurta and opulent Anarkali, to the humble dhoti and eternal saree, India’s clothing styles are painted in multiple layers, each intertwined into a particular way of life. Whether it’s the Gujarati style of draping a saree that awakens your curiosity, or the playful dupatta, the swirling ghagra, the omnipresent lungi or the ethnic wear of Chhattisgarh, make sure you take a sneak-peek here! Read more

                                                        Glorious Molakalmuru Saree [Courtesy: molakalmurusilkhandlooms.in] Molakulmuru is a town in the Chitradurga district on the borders of…