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Utsavpedia is an online encyclopedia on Indian ethnic fashion.This space aspires to offer details on all aspects of ethnic wear from all parts of India, both historic and contemporary. With Utsavpedia, you get to indulge in an interesting journey that unravels the timeless magic of Indian ethnic wear.

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Eid - The Moonlight...

Festivals in India share a magical bond with the moon, but with Eid, it's even more so. The 29th day of the holy month of Ramzan merges into a night of intense activity as soon as the moon is sighted. The scenario transforms into an occasion of feasting and merry making with a whiff of the delectable sheerkhorma and dry fruits in the air. Be it changing curtains and bedcovers, giving ... more

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Bamboo Jewelry

Bamboo is a type of plant which is widely used for making furniture, handicrafts and jewelry. Being perennial in nature throughout the year and its strength and beauty has made Bamboo quite popular in various facets of life since several centuries. Once an icon of the orient, the Bamboo a plant of the grass family is one of the fastest growing plants. The bamboo can ... more

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Narayanpet Silk

Narayanpet is the name of a town in Mehboobnagar district of Andhra Pradesh, India. It is famous for the designs of Silk and Cotton sarees. Based on the town of it’s origin, the Silk sarees woven here are called Narayanpet Silk sarees. The unique thing about Narayanpet Silk sarees is that they are favoured not only in Andhra Pradesh but also in Maharashtra. There is ... more