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Utsavpedia is an online encyclopedia on Indian ethnic fashion.This space aspires to offer details on all aspects of ethnic wear from all parts of India, both historic and contemporary. With Utsavpedia, you get to indulge in an interesting journey that unravels the timeless magic of Indian ethnic wear.

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Ahmedabad Style Hubs get a...

An avid shopper would love to get lost in Ahmedabad and never be found again! Ahmedabad, known as ‘The Manchester of India’, is the most popular shopping destination in Gujarat. This metropolitan city happens to be one of the few which has retained its cultural charm. This textile hub is THE place for traditional hand-embroidered and tie-dyed clothes along with jewelry and accessories. ... more

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Nawabs of Awadh

Asuf-ud-Daula - The Fourth Nawab of Awadh The Nawab of Awadh is a title that was given to the rulers of the Indian princely state of Awadh or Oudh, as it was referred to by the British. The Nawabs of Awadh were a clan of rulers that came from Persia in the early 18th century. Nawab Sa’adat, the ... more

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Devdas Old vs New

Old wine in a new bottle, one might say! Devdas is an epic tale of Bengali romance that is based on the novel by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay which highlights the tumultuous relationships between its three protagonists: Devdas, Chandramukhi and Parvati (or Paro) and draws parallels to popular Indian mythological characters, Lord Krishna, Radha and Meera. This popular love story ... more