Wooden Jewelry

Wooden Treasure

Wooden Treasures

The travails of shifting to a new flat brought me the pleasant surprise of finding my jewelry case snuggled mischievously in my cupboard, lying dusty with neglect for ages. Curious to see what I had kept in it ages back, I placed it on the bed, and spread out the wide variety of wooden accessories in a million different shapes, staring back at me, as if asking to be adorned by me again.  Carved in multitudinous shapes and forms, some circular, or a small stick-like, I was charmed by these archaic pieces of art again.

As I fumbled for more stuff from the box, I found my pendants, earrings, necklaces in vivid styles, a tasteful amalgam of many shades that brought back colorful memories of yesteryears.  My favorite piece was a set of wooden bangles, painted in tints of reds and pinks with embedded beads and enamel in darker shades. I chanced upon an idea and decided to wear them with my bandhej long skirt and kurti. Wooden Bangles are boasting just the perfect way this time, yet my hunger is evolving for more!

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