Grace of Phulkari Dupatta

Phulkari Dupattas

Phulkari Dupattas

It swung a little high with that gust of wind and landed straight on my face. For a minute, I was baffled, but then the amazing kaleidoscopic colors on this rebellious dupatta were a happy surprise. I could not resist myself. It was spontaneous and very reflexive. So, I just did it. I went ahead and tapped the shoulder of this strange lady, who was so flaunting this beaming, colorful dupatta. With all the humility I could gather in that awkward moment, I muttered, “Hello!” She turned, a bit startled. I said, “I love your dupatta!” She smiled back in acknowledgment and said, “Thank you. It’s a typical Phulkari art dupatta.”

My obvious and thoughtful response was a curious, “Oh?” This was, indeed, a cue to her explaining how the smooth threads make way into flowery details and patterns over the gorgeous feel of handloom cotton, georgette or even silk. By the time she finished telling me how these utterly home-grown basics from mainland Punjab, have made way to the high-end exotics of today, I was overwhelmed. At the end of our brief tête-à-tête, it seemed like that conspiring wind had a purpose to serve. It was, in fact, to make me have a rendezvous with a Phulkari dupatta!

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