The Sequined Sequence



Over my countless trips to flea markets, art fairs, fashion shows et al over the years, I’ve developed my own set of favorites when it comes to the nitty-gritties of fashion. It’s the Sequins catching my fancy this time. Carried forth from times of the Indus Valley, with the word ‘sequin‘ being a French rendition of the Italian word ‘zecchino’, the sequin has indeed been colored in myriad Indian ethnic hues down the centuries.

At a recent hop-out to a lane of little things soaked in Indian ethnicity, I was awed at the finely-sequined sling bags or the potli-style clutch bags. From bright Clutches to Pen Stands, Pens, Lampshades, Earrings, Bracelets, and Finger Rings, the variety was endless and modish. Recalling the 90s’ decade when sequins were only about shiny metal pieces, today the motif has evolved and contemporized into geometric shapes, shades in neon, bright pink and whatnot.

From numerous ramp shows where models flaunt their sequined attires in ethnic portraits, or juttis to add an Indian touch to the look, to fashion on the streets, sequins have indeed spanned the panorama of the decades & centuries of fashion behind us.

More coming from the grandeur of Indian ethnic fashion!

Categories:   Ethnic Alley, Street Accessories