Claytopia of Terracotta Jewelry

Terrecotta Ear Buds

Fashion is temporary but elegance stays forever, and I dare to carry that eternal feeling along with my chunky and chic collection of jewelry that I own now. Every season new jewelry trend knocks on the fashion door and becomes a passé. But one thing which has always remained closed to my heart is my terracotta jewelry.

My growing up days in Kolkata and admiring mom’s beauty wearing beautiful cotton tant sarees and accessorizing the perfect Bengali look with terracotta jewelry was my first encounter with these marveling art pieces. And, hence, I got my first obvious goody from mom – a beautiful pair of terracotta earrings. It was the time when girls of my age were flaunting fancy earrings, and I was smitten by the earthy hues of terracotta.

Till date, it has been my most precious possessions in my trinket box. It has been since then that I’ve developed a fascination for this eye catching piece of clay. I am still awestruck by the entire concept of clay being baked at high temperature and getting transformed and hand-made into different shaped earrings and necklaces. Artisans painting motifs on those pretty little things add a mystic touch that remains unexplainable. Today, I own a number of terracotta earrings in different shapes and colors, where each piece is narrating a tale of its uniqueness.

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