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The Anklet in its contemporary version.

The Anklet in its contemporary version (Image Courtesy: anvzfashion)

With its rich history and global influences in the backdrop, the anklet or the paayal continues to be a favorite for an accessory junkie. And there lies the catch! Far from being typically clustered with the solah shringaar of an Indian married woman’s closet, the anklet has indeed undergone a revamp with the changing face of the Indian ethnic runway. There might’ve been a time when the silver-laden, heavy trinket was stashed away for the most special occasions, but here we are, seeing the accessory mold itself under the contemporary limelight. And how?

Cut, twisted and strung into a beaded or sequined style, or threaded together with stones to make the perfect accessory to sport along with a top and long skirt get-up, there’s a million ways you could tweak the age-old paayal into a contemporary cast.


The Anklet twisted into the Punk avatar

The Anklet twisted into a Punk avatar (Image Courtesy: Pinterest)

Exploring the punk look just got a tad more whacky with anklets sported on either ankle being a trend for quite a while now, replete with gothic motifs and more. Clubbed with an Indo-Western get-up, from Kaftans to Dhoti pants, beaded or sequined anklets weave in a dash of contemporary spunk to your attire.


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