Rudraksh Gemstones


Rudraksh, since ancient times, has been referred to as a form of Lord Shiva that symbolizes Godliness, ultimate truth and eternity of life. Of the various beads of Rudraksh found in the recent times, the ekmukhi (single) Rudraksha is considered to be primary form of the Lord. The followers of Shiva have always owned at least one piece of Rudraksh jewelry. It could be in the form of a Mala (necklace) or, just a bead. But, with changing times, it has found its place in the modern pieces of jewelry as well as jewelry boxes.


It comes from a mish-mash of 2 words: Rudra which means Lord Shankar and, Aksha which means tears. The plant of Rudraksh originated from the tears of Lord Shankar that he shed when he saw the pain and suffering of his people. It counters and nullifies the negative effects caused by the various planets on any person. It can be worn by anyone and everyone and, it does not cause any negative effects like the navratnas. These are available in mukhis and shastras for easing out the negatives. The various faces and, shastras work in harmony and help alleviate the pain observed by humans.


Rudraksha Neck Piece

Rudraksha Neck Piece

Although it has a religious and spiritual bit attached to it, it has been seen donned by every other fashion enthusiast. Followers of Lord Shiva proudly wear them in form of neck piece or wrist piece. Also, there are caskets that come with a single bead of Rudraksh or several beads of Rudraksh encasing the front opening, which in turn makes them look beautiful. It has heavily transmitted itself in modern jewelry and gifting boxes. It gives an otherwise simple casket a defining look. The boxes could be as small as ring boxes, big enough to fit a mala, a ring and, other defining things. The boxes, brown in color  carry an elegant and sophisticated look.

Occasion Dressing

One can gift a Rudraksh box anytime or for any occasion. It can be a gift for the wedding anniversary or weddings, functions, and auspicious occasions such as house warming parties. It could also be given as a gift when a child is born in the family , a promotion is given, or in general during some visit to a person’s house. Rudraksh boxes can also be given as a parting gift for all those who attend a wedding.

Global Influence

With beliefs attached to the bead, a lot of Rudraksha travel across the Indian borders. More of it, have reached the fashion ramps of big shot fashion shows, and has created a cult culture globally!


It can be worn to suit your fashion tastes as it is harmless and has no planetary influence on us.

Chronicles of Future Untold

It was once not accepted by the masses. It was confined to the followers of Lord Shiva. With it transforming into boxes and jewelry, a lot of people have started wearing it as a regular piece of accessory.

Interesting Facts & Comparisons

  • There are 14 types of Rudraksh with different powers of healing. Each one is strong in its own way.
  • Mukhi is basically the deep lines that one would find on the surface of the Rudraksha from the top to bottom.
  • Rudraksh is suitable for spiritual maintenance of mind and body.


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