Kanchi Cotton

Brilliantly woven fabric, kanchi cotton is the glory of the city of Kancheepuram in Tamil Nadu. Known as the Textile unit of the south, Kancheepuram has given to the world genuine and high quality fabrics. These fabrics have indeed swept the world off their feet. They are basically hand spun variety of fabrics made available at various handlooms in South India. Every part of this woven fabric gives out exquisitely beautiful cotton wear. The Kanchi cotton sarees are indeed the most fashionable wear in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Kanchi Cotton Saree

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Origin & History

History records that the Kanchi cotton weavers are descendants of Sage Markanda who used to weave various fabrics for the Gods. Cotton was Lord Shiva’s favorite fabric and, the weavers of Kanchi are the descendants of those who used to weave this fiber for the lord using Lotuses. Legend has it that this fabric originated during the reign of the Lords on this earth. Kanchipuram, apart from gaining importance in the textile world is also renowned for the many temples it is home to. One can see several impressions of these temples finely woven in these sarees.


Kanchipuram has its own cotton handlooms wherein they produce the various varieties of Kanchipuram Silk Sarees and Kanchi Cotton wear. This hand spun variety has a certain grace and elegance in spite of its simplicity. These sarees are plain in various ways. One would find a very tribal form of design inspired by the various temples present in the city in the sarees woven from this fabric. They are pretty similar to those appearing on the silk variants. The lines, often wide and temple style give the saree a definite impression. These sarees are also available in various zari borders and dotted pallu styles as well.

Influence over the Years

Created in the city of temples, these sarees are purely influenced by the designs and stature of the temples in the city. The huge and specific designs being imprinted on the temples are drawn along the length of the saree. Many sarees originating from this region are basically plain with colorful borders. Contrasting border sarees are a hit in this fabric and region. One would find lovely borders that would enhance their beauty and define the worth of the saree. In spite of being a regular wear saree, this one has redefined the avenues of growth for a cotton saree.


Mostly used in designing sarees, the innovations are found in the colors being used to define these sarees. From the regular pattu saree colors that usually define the colorful saga of Tamil Nadu, today these cotton sarees have found a variety of new shades. Of course, a lot of sarees bear the original shades of silk variants. The style of these cotton sarees has also been innovated to match the style of the present times. Fashionable and designer sarees have come up to match the fervor of the present generation.

Wearing Kanchi Cotton

Cotton as a fabric is basically useful in the regular/daily wear. So, when one buys the Kanchi cotton sarees, it is basically useful for everyday wear. The richness of the fabric when newly purchased and well maintained makes it a perfect party or wedding wear too. At times, people wear the Kanchi cotton sarees in a multitude of colors to various weddings as well. They suit the premises when the colors are bright and joyous.

Kanchi cotton is a brilliant hand spun a variety of cotton. Hence, you can wear it in any season without the fabric affecting you in any way.

Global Appeal

The handlooms of Kanchipuram which sell this cotton are doing great globally. There is a lot of demand for these sarees across the globe. Whenever a person visits Kanchipuram, they are bound to pick up one of these sarees. Such is the power and brilliance inherent in this saree.

The kanchi cotton fabric is making a very slow move towards the world of dress materials. A hit in the world of sarees, this cotton fabric is now being indulged in the making of exquisite and beautiful dress materials as well.

Interesting Facts and Comparisons

  • There is a tremendous similarity in the designs of some versions of the silk and cotton sarees in Kanchipuram.
  • Both the silk and cotton sarees of Kanchipuram are inspired by the temple designs.
  • Most saree designs for Kanchipuram cotton are either striped or checks.
  • The colors chosen initially were all earthy, however, the trend has recently changed to brighter colors.


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