Faux Fabric

Faux Georgette Kurta in Old Rose

Faux Georgette Kurta in Old Rose

Faux, a French word meaning False in regards to fabric or jewelry materials. Faux refers to all synthesized fur, leather and suede. These are very similar to the natural materials shed from animals. The Faux shade of each fabric came in existence somewhere along the late 20th century and has met a popular culture since then. Faux materials are produced in a number of ways to imitate the real texture of the material.

Origin & History

Till the time Faux came into existence, animals were shed to get fur and other such materials. This was introduced to help stop cruelty towards animals. Somewhere in the early 1900s, the French designers created designs using pile fabrics that were passed on as leather, Fur or Suede.

Sources of Inspiration

Commercialized since the year 1950, faux variety of fabric has gained popularity among designers and people. One would find a great wealth of faux fabric being possessed and used by many celebrities and designers alike giving it an edge over the other fabrics. Developing a popular culture among people, faux fabrics have given the world fabrics without any mass cruel attacks meted out on the animals.


Apart from faux fur, both faux suede and leather are obtained through the process of synthesis. Both these fabrics are totally man made. Initially faux fur was made from a South American mammal called Alapca. One can pluck the hair in the same way as one would get the wool from sheep. No harm is caused in the process.It was then discovered that the quality was low from a fashion standpoint and did not match the quality of mink or beaver. In mid-1950’s, alpaca hair was replaced by acrylic polymers which provided the bulk to imitate real fur and were easier to texture and color. Faux leather method was refined in the 60’s by a company called Dupont. Similarly, faux suede is made out of refined plastic and is water repellent, unlike real suede.


Faux Chiffon Saree

Faux Chiffon Saree

Apart from fur, leather and suede, faux fabric is also trending in Georgette, Chiffon, Crepe, etc. material used in faux georgette sarees, salwar kameez and lehengas. Cost effective garments are made using fake georgette, chiffon, and crepe which provides similar texture. Fake imitations are not only restricted to clothing and shows but also jewelry. Fake silver and gold are basic jewelry dipped in paint to alter the appearance of the product. Round metal balls are dipped into pearly white paint to imitate the look of pearls.

Synthesizing of the faux fabric and availability of this fabric has made faux fur, leather, suede along with georgette, chiffon and crepe easy. Leather, faux or original, is popular in the state of Rajasthan and, is found in abundance at any given time of the year. High-end stores everywhere in the country carry the garments using faux fabric at all times. Faux fabric is very popular now because of its availability and affordability.

When to Wear

Faux fabrics in sarees, salwar kameez, and lehenga cholis are popular for parties as well as everyday wear. One does not need a particular occasion to carry a faux bag or to wear faux shoes since it is a fashion statement for all seasons and for all times.


The Faux variety is low on maintenance and is a fuss-free fabric. Both dry cleaning or plain wash will do. Machine wash can also be done.


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