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Bhawani Jhalawar

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Amidst the fascinating mysteries and secrets that are inherent to the royals that hail from the land of Rajasthan, lies Jhalawar, which is situated in the heart of the state and was earlier known as Brij Nagar. This was one of the districts that were founded quite early. Jhalawar has been in existence since 1791 A.D. and are known for their royal fashion style.

Origin and History

Jhalawar was founded by Jhala Zalim Singh who was originally a hunter. Jhalawar was a vast expanse which was unconquered and the potential of this place was discovered by Zalim Singh. This vast land was then developed as a military base to combat the frequent attackers from Maratha people. In the year 1883, Jhalawar was formed as a separate state and it was handed over to the grandson of Zalim Singh, Jhala Madan Singh.

Under Madan Singh’s rule, the state of Jhalawar started flourishing and this period was for 7 years. However, after his time, Jhalawar was then ruled by his son, Jhala Prithvi Singh whose golden rule was for almost 30 years. The ruling clan of Jhalawar belonged to the sub-sect Jhala of the Rajput tribe, famous for its bravery. The ruling clan was given a prefix of Maharaj Rana against their names.

The royal clan of Jhalawar had done a lot of welfare activities for the public and was solely responsible for maintenance of temples located around the province. Some of the world famous temples that are situated around Jhalawar are Rata Devi Mandir, Modi Ki Jhar, Chandhkeri temple, the Sun temple and many others.

Rajendra Jhalawar

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As in the case of most other royal families, the men folk of the Jhalawar dynasty considered their head gear or the turban as an extremely important part of their attire. Their dress was mostly of an upper-handed shirt and a dhoti made of silk and embroidered with exquisite hand work. This was designed by the Kashmiri workmen and the best of the designers all over the world took immense care in the thread work for the attire of the men folk.

The women folk were decked up in exquisite jewels and finery throughout their lives. The fabric and the dye used to make these dresses were of the best quality in the world. Silk and cotton were brought in from the most remote places to create the perfect mix. The jewelry deserves a special mention as they were made of highly carved uncut diamonds, pearls, and other precious stones that were exclusively designed by the best professionals in the world.

These jewels were very fine pieces designed in a very intricate manner, and most of the pieces were made on a single piece where immense workmanship was involved. Several jewelry designs have inspired the western world in a big way and are hugely responsible for propagating Indian culture abroad. Some of these jewels cost a huge fortune today because these are antique pieces. As the generations pass by, the jewels are also handed over to ensure that the rich legacy is maintained.

Influence over the years

Jhalawar was once considered to be a princely state ruled by monarchs and was dominated by monarchical system till the recent times. However, as the monarchy system is getting abolished slowly, it is gradually opening its horizons to the outside world and adapting itself to suit the needs of the innumerable foreign tourists who come visiting. A lot of commercial establishments like shopping complexes, star accommodations to suit the visitors and a lot of other facilities that aid travelers are coming up in the recent days to attract more tourists.

Harish Jhalawar (Source:

Harish Jhalawar (Source:

Global Influence

It has been gaining immense popularity over the years for its rich and varied cultural heritage. There are lots of forts and tourists destinations that are housed in the remote expanses of the Jhalawar. These forts and temples feature in the top cultural places displayed in the world. As more forts get noticed, some architecturally fantastic temples that were hidden for long are getting known to the world today.

Interesting Facts And Comparison

  • It is the home for the famous Jhalawar Fort which is world famous.
  • Bhawani Natya Sala – It is a must place for theater lovers, which is a rarity in the fast-paced world today
  • Chandrabhaga Temples – These temples are famous for their architectural brilliance.



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