Thapada Shawl


Women with Thapada Shawl

Women with Thapada Shawl (Source: rnw)

Thapada is a garment manufactured in Himachal Pradesh. It resembles a shawl with the exclusive features of wider patterns and decorations. It is woven by hand or machines found exclusively in Himachal Pradesh and so this renders a natural quality which is inimitable. It has a special trend of embroidery which varies between wide ethnic ranges. This imparts a very traditional and regional essence to the Thapada.


They  are widely crafted in the regions of Kulu, Lahaul, Manali, Sirmair, and Kinnaur and righteously they pride in the innovation, creation and designing of skilful craftwork which prove tough competition to the sophisticated industrial products. They also find extensive usage as designer drapery garments for special festive gatherings. The thapadas bring forth and promote the traditional pahadi designs and also make them gain acknowledgment.

Origin and History

The state level assistance for the handicraft makers and weavers in order to promote their financial and acknowledgment levels was introduced in 1974 by the board of Himachal Pradesh State Government Undertaking. The board also brings scope of introducing fresher skills and designs along with the provision of financial support from the authorities. Measures were taken to bring about marketing of the products, of which the Thapadas were one, on both the state level and for the visiting tourists as well.

Influences over the years

The entire mechanism involving the Thapada industry facilitates the method of the operations and procedures of the higher cottage industries of Himachal Pradesh as well. This results in a much-acknowledged development of the steadiness and progress of the Thapada weaving communities. Along with this benefit, customized and extensive Thapada crafting also leads to an increase of speed and better administration of the crafting industries and thereafter bring in a fascinating deal of collective profits involving the state industry.


Being a garment with the complete versatility to be worn with numerous combinations of basic attire, it can be decoratively worn for numerous social occasions and gatherings. Being very skilled handicraft makers, the Thapada makers are wonderful creators and designers. The traditional feel and features of the Pahadi designs are brought over and acknowledged extensively by the Thapadas.

Occasion Dressing

Being handmade, true appreciators always choose the Thapadas over modern gadgets or machine made sophisticated garments. The Thapada is a specialty of the numerous Himachal Pradesh craftsmen and is found to be appreciated and adored all across India. Thapada also sets a bright example of how innate traditions and culture can be harmoniously merged with ornamentation and modernized skill assets.

Weaver in Himachal Pradesh

Weaver in Himachal Pradesh (Source: hptourtravel)


The trained and fancy needlework of the Thapada give it a very lovable and striking look that complements the appearance of the person wearing it. These also retain smoothness and fineness in their texture. Himachal Pradesh with all its scenic beauty and traditions remains a national and international touring location all throughout the year. The beauty of the Thapada attracts great purchase demand since it is an exceptionally handcrafted piece of clothing inherent only to the beautiful lands of Himachal Pradesh.


Regarding the comfortability and wearing feel, the texture of the material of which the Thapada is made makes it a very warmth retaining garment. The warmth it holds is an appropriate measure to protect from the harsh winters. Being an easily wearable garment, it is highly favored by women, although a custom made Thapada with specific embroideries and designs can fit the perfect requirements for men as well. Himachal Pradesh is also a land of festivities and exhibitions for home made articles and embroideries and garments. Being richly designed and decorated, the Thapada is an ideal and very colorful exhibit that features the beauty and soulfulness of Himachal Pradesh.

Chronicles of the Future Foretold

The growing acknowledgment of the Thapadas in the national and international accolade is bringing more recognition to the improving skills and talents of the Thapada makers. This will result in immense promotion and recognition of the daily efforts of the Thapada weavers and Himachal Pradesh will grow into a more renowned and recognized industry for handicrafts in the future.

Interesting Facts and Comparisons

  • It is an established fact that the styling and costume designing of many highly acclaimed firms and businesses are indebted to the much small scale Thapada industry.
  • Each particular design of Thapadas is treated by the customers as specific brands of skilled handicraft by themselves


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