Osho Chappals


Osho Chappals

Osho Chappals

Synonymous with comfort and style, Osho chappals have been around for years now. Simple in design, they set the benchmark for contemporary Indian fashion. From teenagers to women and men of all ages, Osho chappals are wearable by all age groups. Besides, they are available in all kinds of colors imaginable and in a variation of styles as well. Affordable, and fit for most occasions, Osho chappals can be teamed with many different outfit getups. Whether it’s a long kurta, a skirt, shorts, or a pair of jeans, Osho chappals look great with all kinds of attire which spell comfort and chic style.


Osho chappals derive their name from the guru Shree Rajneesh, who was also known as Osho. He was a great philosopher, and these chappals were first found in an ashram owned by him in Pune. The basic style of these chappals included a straw mat which was used to make the flat surface, and two chappal strings made out of faux velvet, rubber, or simple cotton cloth. The bottom surface of the chappals were made out of hard rubber which ensured sturdiness and comfort. Initially, these chappals were made in black, but with the passage of time various colors like reds, greens, oranges, browns came up. Thus, these factors increased their value by leaps and bounds.

Several craftsmen living in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Rajasthan eventually began to practice the art of making these chappals and added their own innovations to them as well. Additional design ideas such as glitter, beads, stones, and various forms of embroidery were experimented with while keeping the basic style intact.

Osho Chappals

Osho Chappals

Present Day Scenario

Osho chappals are a must-have fashion accessory, especially for college students. Now, these chappals are available in various colors including tie-dye and color blocking styles as well. The front portion of the chappal is mostly rounded, but with recent innovations, one can find these with square shaped fronts as well. Due to the ever increasing demand, craftsman have expedited their business in the making of the Osho chappals. Constant revivals and experiments with the basic style are in process.

Several people prefer wearing the Osho chappals during the hot and humid summer months in India. The chattai (mat surface) of the chappals makes them very comfortable, and provide a cooling effect to the feet. Because of its simple design and high comfort factor, these are pretty much worn with every kind of outfit.

Osho Chappal

Osho Chappal (Source: the hindu)

Global Appeal

Osho chappals comprise a mix of the earthly, traditional look, besides which they are simple in their basic style, which makes them appealing to many. These very qualities and contemporary designs make them even more attractive, especially for foreign tourists. Flip flops have made quite a comeback in contemporary fashion, and Osho chappals are the ultimate fashion accessory for one and all.


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