Bronze Jewelry

Bronze is an alloy majorly containing copper. It is extensively used in making handicrafts and jewelry. Before copper, Gold and silver were the only metals that were being used to carve jewelry. The bronze jewelry exuded the kitschy gold effect while maintaining a reasonable price range. The Bronze Age brought along with it beautiful and exquisite pieces of jewelry that charmed its way through many centuries and eras.

Bronze Bangles

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During the Bronze Age most women wore earrings, neck-pieces, and other ornaments made out of bronze. The jewelry highlighted the bronze era along with the growing love for this metal among women. What made bronze interesting was that it was an alloy made of copper and tin and, possessed the desirable characteristics of both these metals. One just fell in love with the bronze made artifacts and, the love possessed them completely.

Origin & History

When the Bronze Age was established, it definitely became a highly appreciated metal among people of that Age. It’s no wonder that during that era, bronze became a desirable metal for jewelry also. Most jewelry during that time was a work of craft that produced artisan jewelry designs.

Gold Turquoise Jewelry

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The exact date or, period during which the Bronze Age came into existence cannot be determined, but most people claim that it was introduced during the Mesopotamian Era. It was simultaneously introduced to India around the same time. Bronze is definitely one of the oldest and classiest metals for jewelry available in India. If one goes by the historical evidence and artifacts, one can see that most of the beautiful and exquisite pieces of jewelry were made out of bronze. The sensuality of the copper color made bronze a beautiful, timeless and exquisite source of art and craft, which still prevails in India.


Bronze Age produced a unique style among jewelry designers. The initial jewelry pieces were similar to the metal jewelry. This style was adopted during the Mesopotamian ages, but gradually bronze started coming across as one of the best metals for imitation jewelry. A lot of designers started working towards styling the metal to create exquisite jewelry. Some of the recent bronze jewelry collection matches the needs of the modern world. Of course, traditional designs are still very much in fashion but, the modern world desires a bit more style even in traditional jewelry.

These days one can find several forms of jewelry which is a combination of both silver and gold imbibed with bronze which look unique and stylish at the same time.

Influence over the Years

The Bronze Age was an era that defined the existence of bronze across several artifacts including pottery, sculptures etc and different cultures and traditions influenced the design of bronze over this era as well. Every single culture that bronze passed through including the Greek and Roman cultures had a definite influence on this metal and on the jewelry made out of it. What ultimately reached the Indian territories was an amalgamation of various concepts and designs combined.

Bronze Pendant and Chain

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Bronze as a metal has gone through various innovations and these days one can find exquisite pieces of jewelry which showcase traditional and royal appeal, especially the kind that have an ethnic and Indian touch. The most common and popular forms of Bronze jewelry these days are big chunky bangles, over sized rings, heavy pendants that hang off thick bronze chains, and funky looking neck pieces as well. Bronze is a type of metal that complements all skin tones and looks fabulous on all kinds of people regardless of their attire. It is also the type of jewelry which looks ornate, stylish and classy, while at the same time understated.

Occasion Dressing

Bronze jewelry looks spectacular when worn with long Kurtas, Khadi Jackets, linen tops, or with chic looking cotton sarees. One does not really need an occasion for bronze jewelry, as it can fit easily into any type of occasion or ambiance.

Global Influence

Several actresses like Vidya Balan, Rani Mukherjee, Aishwarya Rai, Sonam Kapoor, and Deepika Padukone have popularized and flaunted bronze jewelry on several occasions. Bronze accessories in the west have been creating a splurge with their unique style statement and models and designers around the globe have showcased this form of jewelry in many of their exhibitions.


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