About Us


Utsavpedia is the result of a remarkable effort made by the team of Utsav Fashion, to bring an exhaustive encyclopedic knowledge of Indian ethnic fashion to the world. It is, unarguably, accepted that Indian subcontinent is rich in culture and diversity. This diversity has transcended itself into the art and craft of different regions across the country. As much as this variety is a beauty to behold, it also needs a space for dedicated coverage of its myriad range. With Utsavpedia, we have envisaged that exclusive creative space.


Utsav Fashion being the global leader of Indian ethnic fashion in the online space has taken the onus of curating and presenting a rich collection of information on ethnic wear. For us, Utsavpedia is an extension of our passion for ethnic fashion from India. The idea behind Utsavpedia is to educate, contribute and celebrate Indian ethnic clothing in all its forms. We hope to bring about facts, myths, influences, inspirations and legacies that have left an imprint on the craft of stitched as well as unstitched clothing styles. It is, indeed, a pleasure to offer Utsavpedia to our readers worldwide, who crave for an insightful study on Indian ethnic wear.


Utsavpedia is not just a knowledge space of Indian clothing and apparels, but a place where one gets to unearth the hidden treasures of the craft of cloth making. From what goes into the color, to the technique of print and the final texture of the fabric to the style of wearing an outfit, it is all here. With Utsavpedia, our hope is to keep alive the spirit of Indian ethnic fashion today and for times to come.