Lac Work Jewelry

Lac is a resinous substance, accumulated from an insect called kerria lacca. Amidst the rich heritage of art and crafts in India, Lac work is another popular craft that India has produced across centuries. Lac jewelry is very popular amongst the young women in India because of its exotic and colorful appearance.  Apart from jewelry, lac is also used to manufacture exclusive jewellery boxes, accessories and various decoration pieces.  Not only has it gained popularity over the past few years in India, but it has also become a sought after handicraft in the overseas markets. Inception of Lac Work Making Lac is an extremely tedious process and involves a lot of steps that goes into the overall production. The first thing involves cultivating resin producing insects and then collecting lac from it.  The next step is to refine the extracted lac before using it in the craft.  Cultured lac is then stored in a container and is further processed to produce sealing wax and varnishes. The skilled artisans then make use of it to create bangles, ornaments, combs, boxes and other decorative items. Artisans with eye for detailing and are precise in this skill create home décor products with lac as it is a very time-consuming job and requires more expertise. Lac work can only be performed on a wooden base; hence, a lac craftsman must be skilled at decorating wood pieces.  Lac work, like other crafts, was initiated in a few villages and was used to decorate homes during leisure hours.  However, over the … Continue reading Lac Work Jewelry